Stolen by Rome - Bman Zerowan

bman zerowan stolen by rome big ganja tunes

Stolen by Rome (Bman Zerowan)


Letra: Manuel Valle Gil

Riddim: Police in helicopter (Good Over Evil Producciones)

Mix & mastering Good Over Evil producciones

Big Ganja Tunes Compilation. BIG Seeds 2016, copyright reserved. 




Just to liberate dem so…(bis)



But a so me ganjah,ganjah,ganjah

police gwaan burn up InI stolen by rome

Oh Mr Officer leave I alone,rockstone fi we meditation


Ganjah, ganjah, ganjah

police gwaan burn up InI stolen by rome

Oh Mr Officer leave I alone,rockstone fi we medication



Me nah trust,me nah fear I-dem,no,

me nah follow back a dem,cause we have no time to pretend. Oh!

How powerful is our wish about return

to rebuild a right is our concern


Look how much money and time we dem spend

only fi void the use of the herb

while dem a sell medication in vain

just fi increase dem fame,dutty wicked man brain…


Run away from prison,some a dem go a jail

ghetto ganjah farmer mussy gwaan prevale

Working day & night till they just get reveal

and reap what them sow while policeman fail!




Me nah trust dem,weh the man seh,weh the bway dem a bawl

We nah need ficilities,we nuh gwaan fi live inna tenement yard

Cause see: ganjah and police fi ever go a war

like a baddest diseases dem scar!Oh yes!


Amongst me brethren Babylon try to record

what a renk,bway! pushing I against the wall

Ask me fi hustling,call me liar

so,babylon cop,me nah deal with it,me just a ganjahrl


So we permanent,

just fi cultivate my soul me nah search problem

Here comes the trouble,she knows fi solve dem

Cop hold the rifle fi shot me friend dem



Dem at the enemy,enemy so me warn,never learn

Weed dem a search pure bullet gwaan send

Sick and tired fi data wicked man trend

Souljah beware!babylon come in silence


I-man a fight from beginning to the end

ganjah me cure,ganjah me top ten

ganjah we riddim ganjah me moving

ganjah fi the reggae and the raggamufin


Ganjah weh we feel,ganjah weh we living

ganjah fi me meds,ganjah fi a dreaming

Mek a ganjah tune fi mek the world believe in

recommend the Ganjah if you need a healing